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One of my key personal goals has always been to help improve and work for the benefit of the communities I am associated with. Deep down we all need to do good, it gives us purpose and in return, if we’re lucky, helps us be at peace with ourselves Smile Again is a charity I founded in 2012 to help achieve these goals.

Since qualifying from Cardiff dental school in 1998, I have been blessed with the opportunity of gaining a wealth of experience.  Clinically, this has been in the NHS and in private practice. I run three practices as principal, employing a team of nearly 100 amazing people.

Where I feel I have evolved the most is in understanding people and appreciating their needs. This in turn has resulted in realising my purpose in life. Through compassion diplomacy and understanding I try to find positive and sustainable solutions to long standing problems.

All dental projects undertaken by Smile Again have an objective of helping to create an environment and a support network that impacts positively on the community.  Each project has an aim to provide an essential, and where possible comprehensive, service all year round.  Overall, the projects are managed and maintained by the community’s local heroes!

I hope you are inspired by the work we do and help us to grow the Smile Again family.

Gaz Radi


Moyamba 2019 Report

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Our mission is to create an environment and a support network that impacts positively on the community

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